Meet our Tarot Readers and Teachers
Linda Henery
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Ann Trueman
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Elizabeth Wilde
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Reader, Teacher, QLD
Tania Yorgey
Reader, VIC
Kate Ellis
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Lana McKavanagh
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Laura Fitzgerald
Reader, QLD
Matthew Favaloro
NSW/ACT, Reader, Teacher
Natasha Watkins
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Martha Adams
Reader, Teacher, SA
Elizabeth Wheldrake
Reader, Teacher, SA
Anne Button
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Jenne Perlstein
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Sara Gilbert
Reader, Teacher, VIC

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Tarot Guild of AustraliaThe Tarot Guild of Australia (TGA) represents a community of Tarot enthusiasts, readers and teachers from across Australia and worldwide.

The TGA is a membership-based organisation, offering those with an interest in Tarot the opportunity to become Interest or Professional Members.

The TGA offers Tarot events and workshops in major Australian cities and provides an opportunity to connect and network with like-minded individuals while learning about the Tarot.

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The Burning Serpent Oracle - Rachel Pollack & Robert Place 

Saturday 28th February - 2nd March 2015

Beau Monde Internationl: 934 Doncaster Road, Doncaster VIC 3109

A Lenormand of the Soul - Learn directly from the Masters who created this C21st mythic deck inspired by the 160 year old Lenormand fortune-telling cards; The Burning Serpent Oracle is a deck which has appeal for both Lenormand and Tarot readers!

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