Meet our Tarot Readers and Teachers
Mark Davies
Reader, VIC
Kerry Gummersall
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Cheryl Ford
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Evelynne Joffe
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Belinda Vandyk
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Linda Henery
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Jennifer Houston
NSW/ACT, Reader, Teacher
Reader, QLD
Reader, Teacher, WA
Linda Marson
NSW/ACT, Reader, Teacher
Kate Ellis
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Tania Yorgey
Reader, VIC
Ann Trueman
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Elizabeth Wilde
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Jeni Bethell
Reader, Teacher, VIC

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Welcome to the Tarot Guild of Australia

Tarot Guild of Australia

Welcome to The Tarot Guild of Australia (TGA) website, please take the time to read through our site and make sure you check back regularly, as we have many exciting events on the horizon. The Guild represents a community of tarot enthusiasts, readers and teachers from across Australia and provides a great avenue for like minded people to connect and discuss all things tarot - something we all love to do. 

It doesn't matter if you are new to tarot or a seasoned professional - we have something on offer for everyone. We are a membership based organisation and you can join either as an interest member or as a tarot professional.

Upcoming events

Rider Waite tarot card 9 - The hermitMelbourne

Saturday February 6th. The Hermit - The card for 2016 with Linda Henery

The Hermit teaches us about the wisdom of finding our own shining light within, to know ourselves, to be ourselves and to shine light for others who follow in our path. Find out more on the Victorian events page


Thursday February 11th. What’s hidden in the Astrology Wheel? with Tracey Overton-Murphy
Planetary Power, Tarot links and numerology vibrations.2016 the year of the Hermit. Come along and learn more about the Astrology Wheel what’s hidden in the houses? The Power of ruling planets, the links with Tarot and Numerology. Bring pencils & crayons to fill in the wheel and learn as you go. Find out more on the NSW/ACT events page


Latest news

Details of the 2016 Language of Lenormand workshops are now available.