Meet our Tarot Readers and Teachers
Ann Trueman
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Sara Gilbert
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Martha Adams
Reader, Teacher, SA
Laura Fitzgerald
Reader, QLD
Jenny Higgins
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Suzanne Belmore
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Linda Marson
NSW/ACT, Reader, Teacher
Jenne Perlstein
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Mark Davies
Reader, VIC
Evelynne Joffe
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Jeni Bethell
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Belinda Vandyk
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Cheryl Ford
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Anne Shotter
Reader, Teacher, VIC
Natasha Watkins
Reader, Teacher, VIC

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The Magician

The  Magician is The Tarot Guild of Australia's official  magazine. The Guild publishes three Editions every year. The Magician gives all T.G.A. members and subscribers the latest, relevant and most interesting information about Tarot, Lenormand and Oracle. 
All articles  are written by our national and international members, covering a wide range of cartomantic topics and subjects including: new, emerging or improved decks; historical findings and items; the latest research; examples of spreads and interpretations; poems and stories; reading tips and techniques; book and deck reviews; complementary internet sites and publications; and more! 
Guest authors, celebrities and experts regularly share their insights and reflections on divination and prediction subjects and themes; offering readers the benefit of their many and varied ideas, perspectives, expertise and experiences. 
Get the up-to-date information on Tarot, Lenormand and Oracle events, workshops and meetings being held locally, nationally and worldwide .
Editions of The Magician, past and present, provide an excellent resource for the aspiring or expert reader, teacher or writer!

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All financial T.G.A. members automatically receive a subscription to The Magician.
However, you don’t have to be a T.G.A. member to receive The Magician. Subscriptions are available to both Australian and International lovers of Tarot, Lenormand and Oracle. 
Get a 12 month subscription to the Magician today! Simply pay online with PayPal and you’ll receive the next issue of The Magician in the post as soon as it becomes available.
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If you are a budding tarot writer or tarot blogger and would like to publish an article in the Magician, we would love to hear from you. To find out more, contact the editor of the Magician

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Are you a tarot reader, teacher or business owner, wanting to reach out to other tarot enthusiasts to promote your services or products? The TGA offers a number of attractive advertising packages that allow you to connect directly with your target market. To find out more, contact the TGA.