Tarot Guild of Australia Inc. – AGM 5th of September 2019 – President’s Report

The Tarot Guild of Australia is celebrating its 25 year Anniversary of Incorporation which was granted on 27th September, 1994. The Tarot Guild of Australia was in fact formed some two years earlier than this in 1992 but was not an Incorporated body until 1994. Research shows that the Tarot Guild of Australia was the first incorporated Tarot organisation to be formed followed by The Tarot Association of The British Isles in 2001 and the American Tarot Association in July 2008. We were also the venue for the world’s first ever Tarot Conference. I am sure you will all be proud of this history. We are also proud that in the last year we have expanded our national footprint as we have welcomed our two new Groups created in Perth and Brisbane. Our special thanks go to Jo Watkins and Delma Brunello for taking on the role of Co-ordinator in their respective States.

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