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and the Myth of the Suit of Cups

with Delma Brunello

Human beings are storytellers. We relate to stories, symbols and pictures at a deep level.

The Mythic Tarot tells the story of the Greek Gods These stories or ‘myths’ are at the heart of and underpin Western culture.

The myths do not rely on concepts of ‘good’ and ‘bad’. They are amoral yet contain profound moral truths. They explain the workings of the human psyche in all aspects, not unlike modern psychology.

If we keep in mind the stories from the Mythic Tarot they can help enrich our understanding and give deeper meaning to our reading of the cards. Whatever your favourite deck, the lessons from Greek legends will give to you a deeper perspective when you interpret a reading.

Delma will guide us through the Suite of Cups from the Mythic Tarot.   She will explore the evocative myth of Eros and Psyche and how it illustrates a myriad of human feelings. Through connecting to the myth you will recognise various universal human emotions as the story unfolds.

About Delma Brunello

 I have been a member of the Tarot Guild of Australia for a number of years and have attended the last two conferences in Melbourne. I was inspired by the number of enthusiastic and knowledgeable speakers at their monthly meetings and by the number of members who attended. Two years ago I became a professional member. But there was no organised group in Brisbane and I felt isolated.  So it was up to me to start one. My aim is to build the group, invite speakers and become an active part of the Guild.

Though I usually read from the Radiant Rider-Waite cards, I have always been fascinated by Greek myths and legends. So when I discovered the Mythic Tarot I was interested in how the storytelling of these myths tied in with my cards. I discovered that they gave depth to readings and found the stories fascinating.  But the myths and Greek names are rather complicated so I developed a power point presentation to help understand the myths and relate them to the cards. I hope I can convey my enthusiasm for the cards at the inaugural meeting of the Brisbane group.

TGA QLD Co-ordinator – Delma Brunello gedbrunello@gmail.com

Phone:  (07) 3358 2050     Mobile:  0423 263 191

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