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The Wounded Healer Within:

Finding your personal power with the Hermit

with Liz Dean from the United Kingdom

Like the Hermit, we’re all seekers of knowledge – and we all carry wounds that may inhibit or inspire us toward deeper wisdom. In this hands-on workshop, we investigate how disruption and wounding may lead to the greatest insights into our lives and in our readings. Through three original spreads, visual examples and discussion, we examine Jung’s archetype of the wounded healer within the deck, with special reference to Game of Thrones Tarot and Bran Stark, whose physical wounding leads to an unlocking of truth and power.

The second Hermit aspect we encounter is time: Bran gets to see the deep past and the future. Explore the ‘timing’ cards of tarot, see how we can interpret them, then try the specially designed time spread – which you can incorporate into any reading, regardless of the spread you begin with.

Drawing upon her experience as a professional reader at Psychic Sisters within Selfridges, London, Liz shares the experience gained from the thousands of clients she has read for over the years, so that at each stage, we see how the knowledge shared in this workshop can be put into practice in your own readings.

This interactive workshop is for readers at every level. It’s perfect for Game of Thrones fans (however, you don’t need any knowledge of the show to participate, as our focus is on techniques that help us all develop as readers).


  • Original spreads that help you see where your wisdom and wounds lie
  • How a higher awareness of your strengths benefits your practice
  • Timing cycles, helping you see where you or your clients are in work, creative projects, and relationships

About Liz Dean

Liz Dean tarotLiz Dean is a tarot teacher and professional tarot reader in private practice and is a guest reader at Psychic Sisters within Selfridges, London. A former editor with a twenty-five-year career in illustrated book publishing, Liz is the author of seventeen divination decks and books, including HBO’s Game of Thrones Tarot, The Ultimate Guide to Tarot, The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Spreads, The Ultimate Guide to Divination, The Victorian Steampunk Tarot, Fairy Tale Fortune Cards, The Golden Tarot and the 300,000-copy bestseller The Art of Tarot. Liz has presented at the UK Tarot Conference and at Reader’s Studio, New York, and is a former co-editor of the UK’s leading spiritual magazine, Kindred Spirit. Her next book is Tarot Switchwords, publishing in 2019. She lives in Sunderland, in north-east England.

Website: http://lizdean.info

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