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Tarot On The Tree of Life – with Evelynne Joffe

(This is a Zoom webinar – it is open to anyone who would like to attend.  Registration can be completed any time before 4pm, Friday November 6th (AEST).  The Zoom link will be sent to attendees via email later that evening.  The registration form is at the bottom of this page.  For those unable to attend, a recording of the workshop will be made available in our online shop.)

“The Tarot, the most satisfactory of all systems of divination, rises from and finds its explanation in the Tree and nowhere else. That may seem a dogmatic statement to the scholarly historian searching for traces of the origin of these mysterious cards, and, we may add, most lamentably failing to find it: but when it is realised that the initiate works the Tarot and the Tree together, that they dovetail into each other at every imaginable angle, it will be seen that such an array of correspondences could be neither arbitrary nor fortuitous.” Dion Fortune – Mystical Qabalah

It is known that the great authors of the decks that we use most often today (Waite, Crowley etc) were students of the Kabbalah as members of the Golden Dawn. Studying the tarot in conjunction with the Tree of Life gives an added dimension to understanding the cards. In this talk we will explore these correspondences and the Tree of Life spread.

BIO:  Evelyn Joffe

Evelynne Joffe has been a teacher of Kabbalah and of Tarot for over 25 years. She is in a private practice as a counsellor and dream therapist in Melbourne and uses the imagery of the Tarot as a counselling tool. She is a past President of the Tarot Guild of Australia and has written and lectured widely on the subjects of Kabbalah and Tarot in many forums, in Australia and overseas.

Website: www.spiritualstudies.com.au

Email: evjoffe@gmail.com

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