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Utilising Symbols In A Reading
with Naomi Towers

In reading the Tarot cards, we usually have a tendency to “Learn” the meaning or meanings of the card and then use that range of meanings for every deck we happen to use.  Most people find their basic meanings from a couple of sources. They either attend a course run by a teacher where they learn the meanings used by that teacher; and/or they read the companion book associated with the Tarot deck they first started with and use the meanings written in that book.  However, whatever deck we use, there are the meanings associated to the card by the author and usually symbols incorporated in each card which we can use to enhance the reading if utilised. The language we need to understand the Tarot is the language of symbology.

In this presentation we will look at why we need to read the symbols incorporated in the deck we are using.  By recognizing and understanding the symbols used we shall discover how they can add new dimensions to our understanding.

Don’t forget to bring your Tarot cards!

Bio:  Naomi Towers

Naomi is an experienced TAROT Reader and Teacher, Psychic Intuitive and Life Counsellor, who travels to her clients for individual readings. Parties, Functions or Corporate Events.

Naomi runs Tarot courses for all levels. She runs both group classes and individual private training. Contact her for dates, times and prices.

Naomi became a professional Tarot reader in 2010 and a Tarot teacher in 2014 after dedicating 30 years to the computer industry as a manager, technical support and trainer.

Naomi is a professional member of the Tarot Guild of Australia and she has an Australian certificate 4 in Training and Assessment. She currently holds the positions of Vice-President and Treasurer of the Tarot Guild of Australia.

Eastern Suburbs, Melbourne
Phone number: 0427 374 654
Email Address: dancing_gnomes@hotmail.com
Facebook:          @Naomi Towers Tarot

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