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with Lydia Joy Black

To abandon the reference books and embrace intuitive practice with Tarot.

It took me a long time to become creative and playful when it came to practising Tarot. Perhaps because I knew it was an important teacher.

My real advancement came when I learnt to combine my past study with intuition.

If you can relate to this, then I warmly invite you to come along. I will share my knowledge and experience of this exciting transition. I will share techniques and approaches that will support you in this process.

This session will be interactive and group participation will be encouraged. Greater wisdom will come from collaboration.

Bio:  Lydia Joy Black 

Lydia Joy Black TarotA little about Lydia. Tarot entered my life when I was about sixteen when I had my first reading from a traditional Gypsy fortune teller. My love affair with Tarot was born!

I have journeyed through life leaving behind lovers, careers, homes, countries and children. Through all the years of experience, I have remained faithful and constant to Tarot and have been rewarded by the guidance and hope it has shown me.

As a kid, I just loved to listen to my Nana recall stories from her life and times gone by. This fascination grew with me throughout my life, which is why I was attracted to careers in counselling and human services I guess.

Over the years I noticed that people often use metaphors and symbols when they describe emotional experiences. I realised that Tarot offers a key to open up people to explore their life and experience with time tested universal language.

I have been a Professional Member of the Tarot Guild of Australia since 2017.
These days I practice as a coach, teacher and reader. I have developed my own blend of techniques that I use to assist others, towards achieving a deeper understanding of their purpose and to assist them in navigating along their life journey.

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