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Psychology, Symbols and the Senses
with Guest Speakers
Michelle Saftich and René Ranke

René will present on the imagery used in the Tarot and how it draws from the unconscious.
He will explore the archetypal patterns at work in the images of the Tarot and how they relate to the ebb and flow of life.

Michelle will explore psychic languages and how to apply them in working with the Tarot.
There will be opportunities to try psychometry and to draw on all the senses to enhance your intuition.

Don’t forget to bring your Tarot cards with you!

Bio:  Michelle Saftich

Michelle Saftich

At age 12, I began to realise that I had an uncanny sense of predicting future happenings or would see patterns and symbols in dreams or in life that carried great meaning for me. I just somehow knew my sixth sense was there if I needed it.

I sought advice from tarot readers and psychics and these readings inspired me to take up tarot cards myself.  I was taught by a highly experienced reader and have done professional readings both in the Valley and at the Gold coast.

I have read my own cards almost daily for the past 28 years. For me tarot is a lifelong study and often serves as a comfort as it offers a regular quiet time of meditation on any aspect of my life that I want to focus on.

Bio:  René Ranke

Rene Ranke

In my twenties I joined different spiritual groups and took on various practices to see if I could find answers about how the universe works. I learned a lot from these different models.

I read Carl Yung in depth and his concepts about the human mind, the collective unconscious, the paranormal and synchronicity. It resonated with me deeply.

I’ve read and studied eastern philosophies, psychology and cosmology and have been practicing yoga for over a decade. The Mythic Tarot deck found me ten years ago and over recent years I’ve meditated over the deep and rich imagery in each and every card. I recently acquired The Druidcraft deck which has given me a whole new perspective.

It’s always work-in-progress.

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