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Gender in the Tarot Cards
with Andrew Warnes

Gender in Tarot is not as clear cut as might be thought. You might imagine the Queen of swords as feminine or perhaps you look at the King of cups and immediately think of strong male energy. Gender in the tarot pack is important and it is not black and white. When reading we must learn the full picture. What a card says about someone one time can change dramatically the next time the same card is drawn. If you can “feel” for the gender of a particular card and expose the story around that card and the family of cards next to it you can transform the Tarot reading to a much higher level.

In this talk we are going to unravel some of the mysteries of the Tarot gender.

Don’t forget to bring your Tarot cards with you!

Bio: Andrew Warnes

andrew warnes tarotPreviously Andrew worked as a Geophysicist in Canberra, later as a resource and project manager and finally in a procurement team in the Australian Public Service. He spent many years trying to “find” himself and his true identity. In about 2010 he realised that if he let everything go and let the universe do its job, life would be easier. That’s when his Psychic readings took off.

Andrew is a highly sought after Psychic with clients all over the world and regularly helps national and international decision makers. He conducts workshops in Psychic Awareness and Tarot, coaches personal development and helps people start their own psychic tarot businesses.

Andrew was selected from thousands of Psychics to audition for the Australian television show “The One” in 2011 and was awarded “Psychic of the year (ACT) 2012.

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