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LAUNCHING A TAROT DECK with a Founding Member of the TGA, Author and Deck Creator JENI BETHELL and Artist Rachael Hammond

The Tarot Guild of Australia is proud and excited to be hosts to the launching of our Professional Member Jeni Bethell’s new Tarot deck “Twin Tarot Oracle” with artist Rachael Hammond and published by Lo Scarabeo, Turin, Italy.

Jeni is the creator and designer of the deck.   Both Jeni and Rachael are both to be congratulated for creating such a beautiful deck and we are especially proud of Jeni for coming up with the inspiration, passion and tenacity to see her idea become a reality.

This is a great opportunity to find out what it really takes to create and publish a Tarot Deck.

At the launch, Jeni and Rachael will describe and demonstrate with Powerpoint Overheads:

  • the history of the Twin Tarot Oracle’s ‘birth’
  • the creative process between designer and artist
  • And much more, including audience question time
  • their favourite cards
  • the ‘long and winding road’ to publication

The Twin Tarot Oracle Deck

This wonderful 44 card oracle deck features two “twin” cards for each of the 22 tarot major arcana archetypes. In each pair, one card represents the light and one the shadow, creating unique visual and conceptual interpretations while maintaining the fundamental integrity of the traditional major arcana.

Positive interpretations of, for instance, The Hermit – ‘the light side’ – include finding wise counsel within or without, perhaps through a period of withdrawal and contemplation. Less positive meanings – ‘the darker side’ – might be ignoring sound advice offered, or becoming a complete isolate.  This unique Twin Tarot Oracle deck has messages of wisdom and hope when used purely as an oracle, including a meaningful Affirmation.

The deck also offers a creative and expansive approach for reading major arcana tarot spreads, and has the addition of Key Words and Phrases. It serves as a powerful learning tool for students and beginners, and a stimulating complementary deck for more advanced tarot readers.

Come along and enjoy some yummy Christmas fare over a chat, a drink and CELEBRATE 25 Years Incorporation of the TAROT GUILD OF AUSTRALIA!

BIO:  Jeni Bethell

Jeni Bethell lives in inner city Melbourne and is a founding member of the Tarot Guild of Australia.

She has been reading for clients and teaching students about the magic, mystery and meanings of tarot cards for 25 years.

A regular workshop presenter and guest speaker, Jeni is the author of many published articles and a Tarot Meditations double CD.

Jeni is the creator, designer and writer of the Twin Tarot Oracle published internationally by Lo Scarabeo, Turin, Italy, in April 2019.

BIO:  Rachael Hammond

Rachael Hammond is an illustrator, artist and graphic designer located based in Melbourne

Specialising in various mediums including digital, watercolour, coloured pencil and graphite, Rachael focuses on wildlife and fantasy themes in her art.

Rachael has produced artwork for singer/song writers Wendy Rule and Louisa John-Krol and her work has appeared in Fae Magazine (UK).  She studied Tarot with Jeni Bethell in 2010.

Subsequently working on the Twin Tarot Oracle has provided an avenue in which to deepen her understanding of Tarot symbolism and bring it to life in visual form.

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