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What is Kabbalah and why is it relevant to Tarot?
 with Evelynne Joffe

Due to concerns about COVID-19 and Government advice, this workshop has been cancelled – to be rescheduled at a later date.

The mystery of life has always been the focus of the contemplative mind. When we are young we continually wonder how and why? Eventually our questions cannot be answered. We grow up and become interested in love, relationships, we become pre-occupied with financial and family issues. The questions are subdued until, usually because of a traumatic event, they surface again. Kabbalah tries to answer the big questions: why are we here? What is the meaning of life? How can I live a more meaningful existence?

Most of the modern Tarot decks used today are based on either the Rider Waite or Crowley decks. These Tarot masters, as well as Paul Foster Case, McGregor Mathers and Israel Regardie were scholars of Kabbalah and the decks were designed specifically to be used in conjunction with an understanding of the Tree of Life. Once we understand the Tree it gives us a much deeper and richer knowledge of the cards.

Evelynne Joffe has been a teacher of Kabbalah and of Tarot for over 25 years. She is in a private practice as a counsellor and dream therapist in Melbourne and uses the imagery of the Tarot as a counselling tool. She is a past President of the Tarot Guild of Australia and has written and lectured widely on the subjects of Kabbalah and Tarot in many forums, in Australia and overseas.

Contact Information:
Website: www.spiritualstudies.com.au
Email: evjoffe@gmail.com

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