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TGA PERTH – April 1st Workshop:
Tarot Elementum
with Guest Speaker Aaron Smyth


Due to concerns about COVID-19 and Government advice, this workshop has been cancelled –  to be rescheduled at a later date.

There is a certain feeling, a connection, or a bond that exists when you read the Tarot. For some it can only be described as natural. This connection, however, can often be interrupted by the fear of misinterpretation. This loss of naturalness can become mechanical and far from the fluid dance that is desired.

Tarot Elementum is a way to interpret and add extra depth to your Tarot readings based on the elements of nature. It’s the realisation of the synergy between the classic elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water and the cards of the Tarot.

By understanding how each card relates to its elemental properties you will discover a more intuitive approach to your readings. You will feel happier and more relaxed with you interpretations, in other words you will “be in your element”.

Bio: Aaron Smyth

A majority of Aaron’s childhood was lived in a world of imagination where anything was possible and he was encouraged to do so. Tarot and other esoteric beliefs, however, were regarding as taboo subjects and were sheltered away from any understanding.

At twenty-one years old he received his first tarot reading, a reading that would ultimately change his life forever. A close friend offered to do a reading for him with her favourite Tarot deck; “The Lovers Tarot”. Approaching it with a sceptical mindset, he was surprised that something so simple in design could offer interpretation and access into a world he once lived and thrived.

Ironically, “The Lovers Tarot” not only ignited the love and respect for Tarot that Aaron has now, but also ignited the love and respect for the very reader who gave him his first reading; his now wife.

Aaron still believes in the simplicity of Tarot; he claims no special power or gift, the knowledge was not passed down from generation to generation and he was not born with this ability. A reading to him is really just a conversation between two open people over some mysterious cards. He is genuinely interested in people and will only offer advice or guidance that he would suggest to his closest friends and family. After all, in Tarot, we are all family.

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