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Using the Before and After Tarot

with Special Guest Speaker – Anne Shotter
Founder of the Tarot Guild of Australia
and current President

There are three Tarot decks that have been released in recent times which are quite innovative and offer readers new opportunities. The Before Tarot, the After Tarot and Tarot of the New Vision.  They are all broadly based on the traditional Waite-Smith Deck.

The Before Tarot is focused on the Past, bringing it into sharp focus. The After Tarot is described as a few moments after the scene in the Waite-Smith Tarot and the Tarot of the New Vision gives a deeper look into the scene depicted in the Waite-Smith Tarot, by adding additional symbols and changing others.

In this presentation, we can discover ways of integrating these new decks into our readings to deepen and expand them.

Bio:  Anne Shotter

Anne ShotterAnne Shotter is the Founding and Current President of The Tarot Guild of Australia.  She has been a Tarot consultant, teacher and mentor for thirty-five years. She has presented at conferences both in Australia and overseas.

Anne is passionate about Tarot as a way of working with clients through the power of symbols and archetypes, assisting them to make positive and often difficult life choices.

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