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WHAT IS FENG SHUI (風水)? – with Paula Poon

To pre-book, please contact Molly Talbot, TGA Sydney Co-ordinator:  molly@mollytalbot.com.au

means wind, something you cannot see, but can feel its existence. It can provide comfort, like a sea breeze in a hot summer day. But it can destroy, like a hurricane!

means water, something you can see and feel. It nourishes life, but can destroy too, like a flood or tsunami!

A place (not just home or office) is said to have good Feng Shui when it is where one can relax, feel secure, comfortable, and a general sense of wellbeing; and brings prosperity/wealth.

What are the basic attributes of a good Feng Shui place? How a layperson looks at these attributes from an environmental, psychological and common sense perspective.

After the talk, we will do a tarot reading with a Bagua spread to see the different aspects of your life at this moment in time.

About Paula
Paula grew up in Hong Kong, educated in Canada and worked in the NSW public sector before retirement. She’s interested in history, the cultural and spiritual practices of human development. She is a keen member of the Tarot Guild who participates in the Sydney meetings regularly and is always eager to learn more.

Unfortunately, due to COVID limited numbers, only MEMBERS are invited.

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