The Magician – Issue 22 – Spring 2006


This issue of The Magician features articles about the Suit of Cups tarot cards, including the Ace of Cups and the Court Cards.


  • Ace of Cups: the Gift of Love by Jeni Bethell
  • The Court Cards in the Suit of Cups by Aileen Flynn
  • The Princess of Cups: the Watercolours of Autumn by Brian Clark
  • The Quest for Emotional Satisfaction by C.W. Geering
  • Editorial: Cups – Reflection and Depth by Peter Loupelis
  • The Zigzag of the Minor Arcana: or a Way to Remember 40 Definitions by C.W. Geering
  • Still Waters by Linda Marson
  • Queen of Cups by Jason Dean (poem)

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