Tarot Guild of Australia Membership

The Tarot Guild of Australia is a membership-based organisation, bringing together Tarot interest members and professional Tarot readers and teachers from across Australia and abroad.

Being a member of the TGA has multiple benefits including:

  • Meeting and networking with other Tarot enthusiasts from your local area

  • Learning the Tarot and developing your Tarot skills with local TGA events and workshops. Discounts apply for TGA members

  • Access to three copies per year of The Magician, the TGA’s official Tarot magazine
  • Being kept up-to-date with the latest Tarot news
  • 10% discount on books and Tarot decks from the TGA’s bookshop (available at TGA events and workshops)
  • 10% discount at selected Tarot retail outlets in Australia
  • A complimentary CD from the TGA’s Workshop CD collection
  • Opportunities to advertise or partner with the TGA

The Tarot Guild of Australia has three levels of membership available

1. Interest Membership

TGA Interest Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Tarot. You don’t have to be seasoned expert – all you need is a passion for Tarot! And you don’t have to be located in Australia – the TGA has many international members who benefit from being part of cohesive Tarot association.

Only $65 per year ($55 concession)

Find out more about TGA Interest Membership and submit your application.

2. Professional Membership

Professional Membership is open to TGA Interest Members with at least three months membership. Professional Members are recognised by the TGA as professional Tarot readers and teachers who demonstrate a sound understanding of the Tarot cards, abide by the TGA’s Code of Ethics and who work with their clients in an ethical and professional manner. Interest Members may transition to Professional Membership via an application process.

Transition from Interest member to Professional member: one-time fee of $85
Then only $65 per year ($55 concession)

Find out more about TGA Professional Membership.

3. Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership provides formal recognition of people who have made a major contribution to Tarot and to the Tarot Guild of Australia. Honorary Membership is by invitation only.

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