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Tarot Readers & Teachers – Melbourne and Victoria

Looking for a Tarot Reader and/or Teacher located in Melbourne or Victoria?

All Tarot Readers/Teachers listed below are Professional Members of the Tarot Guild of Australia. As such, all follow TGA’s strict Code of Ethics and have undergone a formal application and review process in order to qualify as a Professional Member.

ann trueman tarot guild australia

Ann Trueman

Ann Trueman is an experienced and respected Tarot consultant who has been reading for over 20 years. Ann’s passion for the Metaphysics has been her life’s work and she has participated in many workshops and travelled overseas to improve her craft.

Ann reads intuitively, receiving messages from her Spirit Guides. Her readings are to empower and for her client to take control of their destiny.

Please refer to Ann’s website for all classes and workshops that she currently runs.

Now available, live Skype or Viber readings by appointment. Also new to 2018, online classes and discussion groups.

Location: Carrum, Melbourne
Phone: 0417 545 872
Email: navojo@bigpond.net.au
Website: www.soaringeagle.com.au

anne shotter tarot guild australia

Anne Shotter

Anne Shotter is an experienced and respected Tarot consultant and has been passionately involved in teaching Tarot for many years.

Anne was the inspiration behind, and Founding President of, The Tarot Guild of Australia Inc. She is an Honorary Member and current President for 2018.

Anne has lectured on the Tarot both in Australia and overseas.. “I consider it a privilege to assist clients to clarify their life choices through the wisdom of the Tarot.”

Location: Abbotsford Convent, Abbotsford
Phone: 0419 305 904
Email: ashotter@bigpond.net.au
Website: www.tarotmelbourne.net.au

belinda vandyk tarot reader teacher 150x150

Belinda Vandyk

Belinda Vandyk is a Melbourne based Tarot Reader, Teacher, Workshop Facilitator and Aura Photographer. She is an accomplished reader with many years experience and a regular at Melbourne Mind Body Spirit Festival.

Through the wisdom of the Tarot, Belinda offers guidance; assisting you to gain clarity and insight into your current situation while exploring your options for the future. Belinda offers the unique combination of a Tarot Reading with an Aura Photo.

Tarot Readings are available in Person, Skype, Phone or Email. Connect with Belinda on Facebook and Instagram for inspirational daily card readings and to participate in her regular “Pick a Card” days.

Location: Boronia, Melbourne
Phone: 0402753731
Email: belinda@missbstarot.com
Website: www.missbstarot.com

tga committee cheryl ford

Cheryl Ford

Cheryl is an experienced and intuitive Tarot Reader, Astrologer, Life/Spiritual Counsellor, Teacher of Tarot, Astrology and other esoteric modalities.

Cheryl is a Committee and Professional Member of the Tarot Guild, Membership Secretary of the Victorian Astrologers Association and has been Reading for over 25 years.

Cheryl has a caring, compassionate, non-judgemental and empathetic style of reading. Receiving information through her Spirit Guides, Cheryl is passionate about inspiring and empowering you to transform your life and be in control of your own destiny, life purpose and spiritual journey.

Cheryl is available for Private Readings, Parties, Hens/Girls Nights, Functions and Corporate Events.

Location: Pakenham and Outer Eastern & South Eastern Suburbs
Phone: 0418 350 506
Email: cheryl@spinningweb.com.au
Website: www.enchantedspirit.com.au

etienne tarot guild australia


Etienne has given percipient Tarot and palm readings, since 1966, in Northern India, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, France, the UK and Australia. He views the Tarot as a liberating guide towards identifying multiple options open to us in life.

Etienne’s readings are positive, supportive and transilient, enabling clients to be better empowered to approach life with a quiet confidence and realistically calm optimism. Etienne also offers channeled spells and personalized poems for special occasions.

Etienne is a Hypnotherapist with certified, nationally recognised training. He can give Hypnotherapy for a wide range of conditions, and facilitates Past Life Regressions via Hypnosis.

Location: Bundoora, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9466 8256
Email: iander@netcon.net.au
Website: www.tarothypnosis.com.au

evelynne joffe tarot reader teacher

Evelynne Joffe

Evelynne Joffe is a past President of the Tarot Guild of Australia and has more than 25 years of experience in reading and teaching Tarot.

She is also a teacher of Kabbalah and a Dream Therapist and has lectured widely on these subjects at various conferences and symposiums and is also a published author of many articles in her chosen fields.

Location: Ormond, Melbourne
Phone: 0403 033 200
Email: ejoffe@iprimus.com.au
Website: www.spiritualstudies.com.au

jeni bethell tarot guild australia

Jeni Bethell

Located in Melbourne’s inner city area, Jeni Bethell has been reading for clients and teaching students about the magic, mystery and meanings of tarot cards for 23 years. She is the author of many published articles, a regular workshop presenter and she has now designed a Tarot deck which is to be published internationally by Lo Scarabeo in 2018. Check her website for details about the Tarot courses and workshops she offers for beginning and advanced students. Email, text or ring Jeni to arrange a face-to-face or Skype Tarot reading.

Location: Clifton Hill, Melbourne
Phone: 0411 279 933
Email: jenibeth@netspace.net.au
Website: www.jenibethtarot.com.au

jenne perlstein tarot guild australia

Jenne Perlstein

Jenne Perlstein is a Tarot Counsellor and Astrologer combining 32 years’ experience as a medically qualified Social Worker, 22 years in the fields of psycho–spirituality, paganism, Kabbalah, Inter-spirituality and Spiritual care.

Jenne combines her skills to guide and enlighten the individual’s psycho- spiritual journey through Tarot. She offers courses for Tarot readers on Relationships, Difficult clients & Counselling skills.

Jenne has presented at many Tarot Guild Workshops, the 2013 Tarot Guild of Australia conference, & the 2016 Readers Studio Tarot & Psychology Conference in New York.

Jenne sees people by appointment & teaches Tarot 1:1 (incl. via Skype).

Location: Brunswick
Phone: 0414 650 727
Email: info@tarotastrocounselling.com.au
Website: www.tarotastrocounselling.com.au

jennifer higgins tarot reader teacher

Jennifer Higgins

Jenny Higgins, PhD, is an experienced reader, teacher, author and regular speaker at tarot events. Jenny draws on a career in the child and family welfare sector to offer practical guidance to help you find the answers you seek. Her readings can help you clarify your life direction, expand your potential and live a happier life.

Jenny’s book, Years of Wisdom: The Tarot and Women’s Stories of Growth and Empowerment explores the major arcana from a Jungian perspective, and draws on real-life stories from her PhD on women and ageing to show how the transformation of self takes place. Visit Jenny’s website here

Location: Croydon, Melbourne
Phone: 0400 884 688
Email: Jhiggins1@live.com.au
Website: www.tarotandyou.com.au

julie foster tarot reader teacher 150x150

Julia Foster

Julia Foster has been reading and teaching tarot for over 15 years. Numerology, astrology, palmistry plus psychic ability are used to get to the relevant issues and plan a program for clients and students to get more out of life.

Julia is a regular reader at the Mind Body Spirit show in Melbourne.

Consultations are by appointment in Sassafras.

Tarot classes are held weekly for beginners and those with experience.

Location: Sassafras, Melbourne
Phone: 0412 657 094
Email: wildflax@yahoo.com.au
Website: www.mountainenergyreflection.com

kate ellis tarot reader teacher melbourne

Kate Ellis

Kate is an intuitive tarot consultant, teacher and healer who conducts her own practice full-time. Her readings are motivational and offer wisdom for your future direction through the insight of the tarot.

She teaches an Introduction to Tarot course and an Advanced Course, either by one of her regular classes or privately by consultation. She is also offers mentoring sessions.

Kate has attended many empowerment courses and conducted workshops on Numerology, Astrology, Past Lives and other topics.

She is a Professional Member of the Tarot Guild of Australia and a member of the Victorian Astrologers Association.

Location: Doncaster East, Melbourne
Phone: 0402 814 134 / (03) 9842 1535
Email: gentlewave8@bigpond.com
Website: Under creation

linda henery tarot reader teacher

Linda Henery

Linda has been a Professional Member of the Tarot Guild of Australia Inc. since 1997. Her early background was in Deaf Education and she has experience working with deaf / blind clients.

She is a reader and teacher of Tarot, Lenormand and Palmistry and an events organizer. Linda was past President of the Tarot Guild of Australia Inc. from 2010 – 2015. During that time she chaired and coordinated two International Tarot Conferences which were held by the TGA in Melbourne, Australia.

“The tarot reveals the energy around us, providing clarity of our situations and feelings which empowers us to make wise choices in our lives”

Location: Blackburn, Melbourne
Phone: 0407 829 615
Email: linda.henery@optusnet.com.au
Website: www.thetarotconservatory.com.au

mark davies tarot reader teacher

Mark Davies

Mark is a Professional Member who has worked within the psychic industry for many years, at events including Mind Body Spirit Expos in Melbourne, Body Mind Psychic Expos in Adelaide, suburban/country psychic expos, psychic cafes, psychic parties, and mystical venues.

Mark is available to provide readings for parties, functions and corporate events.

Whilst Mark’s passion is Tarot, he also provides services as a Psychic, Medium, Palmist and Reiki Master.

Location: Bacchus Marsh
Phone: 0466 517 682
Email: tarotpsychicmedium@yandex.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Mark-Davies-Psychic-Medium-456856954476492/

tga committee marlana mccarthy

Marlana McCarthy

Along with studying and reading tarot for well over a decade, Marlana’s background in yoga and esoteric studies, along with numerology, Bach Flowers and mediumship, can add some extra clarity to a reading if required. She has explored the teachings of some mystery schools and studied Tarot as part of her membership in Builders Of The Adytum. (BOTA)

Marlana interprets the tarot intuitively with compassion and empathy, and is available in Sunbury area for face to face, Skype and phone readings.

Location: Melbourne, Sunbury
Phone: 0409 941 671
Email: mroltwo@gmail.com

naomi towers tarot reader teacher

Naomi Towers

Naomi is an experienced TAROT Reader and Teacher, Psychic Intuitive and Life Counsellor, who travels to her clients for individual readings. Parties, Functions or Corporate Events.

As a Life Counsellor, Naomi’s readings cover all areas of her client’s life. Her focus is to utilize Tarot and other tools individually and together (including knowledge and tools brought in from her years in the corporate world) to assist people in identifying both their issues and opportunities on how to progress toward resolution of these issues, always delivering her messages with compassion and care.

Naomi runs Tarot courses for all levels; both group classes and individual private training. Contact her for dates, times and prices.

Naomi is a professional member of the Tarot Guild of Australia and holds an Australian certificate 4 in Training and Assessment. She currently holds the positions of Vice-President and Treasurer of the Tarot Guild of Australia

Location: Eastern Suburbs, Melbourne
Phone: 0427 374 654
Email: dancing_gnomes@hotmail.com

natasha watkins tarot reader teacher

Natasha Watkins

Natasha is an experienced Intuitive Reader, Spiritual Counsellor, Tarot Teacher, Professional Member of the TGA and former Vice President of the Guild.

Natasha’s life purpose is helping others transform their lives through Tarot. Whether it is to bring insight into current situations, provide inspiration, regain personal empowerment, find true love, life purpose or to help you release emotional blockages, her powerful readings will transform your life.

Natasha’s style is compassionate, caring, empathetic and inspiring. She incorporates Tarot, psychic messages, past life, numerology, astrology and intuition in her readings. Private readings, mentoring, corporate events, group bookings, functions + parties are available.

Location: Mont Albert / Surrey Hills
Phone: 0413 777 378
Email: tashtarot@hotmail.com
Website: www.tarotwisdom.com.au

nigel eru tarot reader

Nigel Eru

Nigel is an experienced Psychic Tarot Consultant and Healer who combines several spiritual disciplines including: Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Psychometry (photos & objects), Esoteric Alchemy, Scrying and Mediumship.

Nigel works co-creatively with spirit and offers insights, clarity and guidance to many of life‘s challenges. His style is collaborative, compassionate and empathetic.

Nigel is a regular at MIND-BODY-SPIRIT Festival (Psychic Reading Room), works as a Medium/Reader at several psychic stores and Demonstrates Mediumship at Spiritual Churches in Victoria.

READINGS via: Phone, Skype, in-Person and Email

Location: Brunswick West
Phone: 0431 539 228
Email: erunigel@gmail.com
CONNECT with Nigel – Instgram/ Tumblr/ Twitter/Facebook: @NigelEruMedium
SKYPE: erunigel

ruanna tarot teacher reader


“Discover the Hidden Keys in the Tarot and Experience Profound Personal Growth.”

Ruanna has been a Professional Member of the Tarot Guild of Australia since 1995 and offers comprehensive certificate programs through her Tarot in Action shop in Moonee Ponds. Her programs include Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Sorcery and Spiritual Development.

As a Reiki Master, Ruanna also offers Healings, Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki Master attunements.

Ruanna is available for readings at Corporate Events and Hen’s Nights.

Private consultations are available or via online services.

Location: Melbourne and Regional areas
Phone: 0418 388 712
Email: info@tarotinaction.com.au
Website: www.tarotinaction.com.au

sara gilbert tarot guild australia

Sara Gilbert

Sara operates her spiritual college and consultancy, Life Spirit Connections, near Frankston. She decodes patterns in your life, empowering you to understand yourself and be comfortable in your own skin, working with combinations of Tarot, Astrology, Goddess Archetypes , Palmistry, Hand Analysis, Numerology and Kaballah Tree of Life.

A professionally qualified psychological and evolutionary astrologer, Sara provides regular workshops and courses on all these esoteric tools, finding your life purpose and mythology.

Sara blogs daily on goddess mythology / astrology via a combination of her website https://www.lifespiritconnections.com.au/ and facebook https://www.facebook.com/lifespiritconnections/

She works regularly and is available for corporate entertainment, events and parties.

Location: Carrum Downs, Melbourne
Phone: 0412 235 935
Email: sara@lifespiritconnections.com.au
Website: www.lifespiritconnections.com.au

susie mccarthy tarot reader teacher

Susie McCarthy

Susie McCarthy lives and works in Bentleigh Victoria. She has been in practice doing Tarot readings, Reiki, teaching and Spirit/Soul guide drawings for over 30 years.

She is passionate about assisting her clients of all ages to find meaning and purpose in their lives. Susie utilises her many gifts and tools along with her deep compassion and intuition to assist her clients in finding clarity and direction at a Soul level.

Susie loves what she does and this is reflected in her readings and classes as she incorporates a balance of fun, reflective,creative and interactive activities, sharing deep insights in a light and entertaining way. She provides a nuturing , safe and relaxed space.

She has experience in, and is available for private consultations, corporate and social events and functions and also offers an interest course in ‘Tarot for the Soul’.

Location: Bentleigh, VICTORIA
Phone: 0413 69 11 29
Email: wholistic_education@hotmail.com
Website: www.wholisticeducation.weebly.com

Abbey Rose

Location: Melbourne
Phone: 0499 544 999 (text only)
Email: abbeyrose@bigpond.com

Amanda Dane

Location: Wonga Park
Phone: 0413 591 480
Email: amandaandjames1@bigpond.com

Amanda Pratt

Location: Frankston
Phone: 0419 156 381
Email: amandaseven@hotmail.com

Anne Button

Location: Warranwood, Melbourne
Phone: 0422482114
Email: annebutton@tpg.com.au

David Camp

Location: Altona North, Melbourne
Phone: 0413 413 997
Email: dcamp@stonnington.vic.gov.au

Dianne Failla

Location: Box Hill North, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9898 5342
Email: di.failla@bigpond.com

Fay Howard

Phone: 0418145407
Email: leonfay77@bigpond.com

Fran Le Cornu

Location: Carnegie, Melbourne
Phone: 0412 608 559

Jill Thompson

Location: Elwood/Brighton, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9531 2142
Email: jillyt@bigpond.net.au

Julie King

Location: Strathmore, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9379 9236; 0409 951 349
Email: jkmedicinewoman@bigpond.com

Lilian Kwiatkowski

Location: Epping, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9408 1108
Email: lilian@moonwisdom.com.au

Linda Staunton

Location: The Basin
Phone: 03 9761 3959
Email: lindastaunton@hotmail.com

Lorraine Cordell

Location: Craigieburn, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9308 3929
Email: lanie33@bigpond.com

Mary Malady

Location: Portarlington 3223 Victoria
Phone: 0421 611 074
Email: much.insight@gmail.com

Mervyn Nelis

Location: Highton, Geelong
Phone: 0417 370 770
Email: mnelis@zenshinmartialarts.com.au

Stella Woods

Email: stella@stellastarwoman.com

Suzanne Belmore

Location: South Melbourne
Phone: 0427 660 006
Email: riverwolf@tarotwolf.com

Tania Yorgey

Location: Port Melbourne, Victoria
Phone: 0409 870 481
Email: bookings@houseoftarot.com.au