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Jeni Bethell
Name: Jeni Bethell

Located in Melbourne’s inner city area, Jeni Bethell has been reading for clients and teaching students about the magic, mystery and meanings of tarot cards for 25+ years. She is the author of many published articles and a regular workshop presenter. Jeni’s Tarot deck, TWIN TAROT ORACLE, was published internationally last year by Lo Scarabeo. Check her website for details about her 1-on-1 TUTORIAL PROGRAM for introductory or advanced students of Tarot, her WORKSHOPS or to purchase her popular Tarot Meditations CD. Email, text or ring Jeni to arrange a face-to-face OR SKYPE Tarot READING.

Phone Number: 0411 279 933
Suburb/Town: Clifton Hill, Melbourne
Skills: Tarot Reader, Tarot Teacher

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Listing Title: Jeni Bethell

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