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Jennifer Higgins
Name: Jennifer Higgins

Jenny is an experienced and respected tarot reader, teacher, and regular speaker at tarot events. She has written magazine articles, spoken on radio and published a book about tarot and personal empowerment.

Jenny is an intuitive reader with a deep sense of spirituality. She provides practical guidance for real-life problems, yet her readings also reach to the heart of the matter to help with deep personal transformation.

Jenny was drawn to spiritual experience from an early age. She continued this passion through the study of tarot, psychic development circles, the work of Carl Jung and psychotherapy, Buddhism, reiki, aromatherapy, numerology, and more recently Celtic shamanism.

Jenny’s enduring commitment has been helping women (and men) to find their life’s purpose, expand their potential and live a more fulfilling life. This motivation led to a career in the child and family support sector and to complete a PhD on women, ageing and the transformation of self.

Jenny’s book, Years of Wisdom: The Tarot and Women’s Stories of Growth and Empowerment, explores the major arcana as a pathway for personal development. It draws on real-life stories from interviews with women from her research to show how the transformative energies of the tarot can shape our lives.

Phone Number: 0400 884 688
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Suburb/Town: Croydon, Melbourne
Skills: Tarot Reader, Tarot Teacher

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