New South Wales – ACT

Jennifer Houston
Address: Pagewood, Sydney

Jennifer Houston is the current Sydney coordinator for the TGA. Jennifer has been a Tarot Reader, as well as teaching students about the mystery and the meanings of Tarot cards, for over 20 years. Jennifer finds that the many symbols on the RiderWaite deck trigger her ‘psychic gifts’.

Jennifer also works with Astrology and Numerology to gather relevant information. Her readings empower her clients to take control of their destiny and ensure that they understand the power of their own free choice. Jennifer’s readings are both accurate and uplifting.

Her website holds details about Tarot courses and workshops for all levels.

Phone Number: 0412 355 641
Skills: Tarot Reader, Tarot Teacher
Karen Seinor
Address: Albury

Karen has been reading and teaching the tarot for over 20 years. A presenter at Mind Body Spirit Festivals as far back as 2008 on the topic of Tarot Healing, she developed and produced the Tarot Oils ®, writes articles for magazines like The Magician and Alternative Spirit and had her unique tarot deck and books reviewed by peers and mainstream publications. Karen has presented on various topics at the Tarot Guild of Australia and teaches the tarot on a regular basis.

Karen is down to earth, yet sees the tarot as a tool for deep reflection, personal development, and as a pathway for spiritual growth. Readings are available in person, by phone and skype throughout Australia and internationally.

Website Address:
Phone Number: 0409 777 116
Contact Email:
Skills: Tarot Reader, Tarot Teacher
Linda Marson
Address: Pottsville (Tweed Coast northern NSW)

In her readings, Linda Marson facilitates a process which leads to people tapping into their own inner wisdom to find the guidance they need.

Linda, a former President of the Tarot Guild of Australia, offers readings on the far north coast of NSW, or by telephone. She teaches Tarot through Global Spiritual Studies, the online business she established in 2011.

Her Live and Learn the Tarot course comprises nine recorded classes supported by nine weeks of online mentoring twice a year. TarotNav – a GPS for Life – is her package of videos and eBook about doing Tarot readings for yourself.

Phone Number: (+61) 0404 508 323
Skills: Tarot Reader, Tarot Teacher
Molly Talbot
Address: Northern Beaches, Sydney

Molly has been offering insight and practical guidance to clients for over 20 years. She integrates her knowledge of Tarot, Astrology and Numerology to provide a fresh view into what is happening in your life and empower you to move forward. Molly is a regular speaker at both Tarot and Astrology conferences and meetings. She is also available for talks, parties and corporate events.

A gifted teacher, Molly has introduced many people to Tarot and Astrology. Her workshop details are on her website. Molly is a Professional member of the Tarot Guild of Australia and the Association of Professional Astrologers.

Phone Number: 0432 619 249
Skills: Tarot Reader, Tarot Teacher
Address: Dee Why

Nick is a professional member of the TGA located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Nick has studied psychology and combines this knowledge with the symbolism of the Tarot to help clients find clarity and awareness. Nick has been interested in Tarot for over 15 years and draws on work he has done with elemental energies, Sufism, studies of Kabbalah and in depth work with the I Ching.

Services include face-to-face readings in Sydney, as well as video call, phone call, audio recording or email readings.

Nick can be can be contacted on Instagram @malakhim_tarot or by the details below.

Phone Number: 0432 533 333
Skills: Tarot Reader, Tarot Teacher
Tracey Overton-Murphy
Address: Northern Beaches, Sydney

Tracey Overton-Murphy’s passion for the Ancient wisdom of the Tarot cards spans 20 years. Tracey can weave her intuition and knowledge of Numerology and Astrology into the rich tapestry of the cards before her to clarify and cast new light on your situation.

Her philosophy is… “by offering intuitive guidance you can create a new spin on your options, enhance your personal growth and become self-empowered in order to move forward on your journey.”

Tracey has worked for over 25 years in health and healing, has a Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy, a Certificate in Astrology, and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. She is a professional member of the Tarot Guild and speaks regularly at the monthly meetings.

She teaches Numerology and The Tarot cards and has presented at The International Tarot Conference in Melbourne.

Phone Number: 0412 918 465
Skills: Tarot Reader